About Signalchip

Founded in 2010 by a team of highly experienced professionals, with the vision of building an organization of highly motivated people, working on cutting edge technologies and creating differentiated semiconductor products. Signalchip has been striving towards creating world-class semiconductor products and solutions for next-generation communication technologies. We are currently working on innovative solutions for next-generation communication technologies.

At Signalchip, we are relentlessly expanding our portfolio to cater to the ever-growing demands of faster and smarter connectivity. In this effort, Signalchip has developed a wide range of chipset solutions for base stations and end-user equipment targeting small cell deployments. Our System-On-Chip solutions are highly flexible providing seamless integration for market segments such as residential, enterprise, defense and law enforcement which demand reliable indigenous solutions.

Headquartered in the silicon valley of India, Bengaluru, Signalchip has always been in sync with the motto of ‘Make in India’ being one among a handful of fabless semiconductor companies pushing to put India onto the semiconductor world map.

Electronics is an art and Signalchip has been mastering it through a smart and determined approach, overcoming every challenge and truly steering the electron in every aspect. This culture is evident in the way our team thinks and executes projects which are exemplified by the performance levels that our products showcase. Right from its leaders who come with a lot of experience in diverse domains to the young innovators who are willing to learn and deliver beyond their limits, this team has achievers across the entire structure of the company.